Understand DNA Damage and Repair

By Kim Evans (Citizen Journalist)
Friday, May 07, 2010

(NaturalNews) Most people today are consistently exposed to substances that are known to damage our DNA. Radiation, plastics, cigarette smoke, chemicals in soft drinks, pesticides, and many more common substances have all been found to damage our DNA. It’s unfortunate because when our DNA is damaged, we subject ourselves to numerous health problems. Our cells become inhibited in producing what our bodies need and our bodies become challenged in re-growing healthy cells. Worse, the effects of our chemical habits and lifestyles are passed to our children – and our children’s children. Fortunately though, our DNA has the ability to repair itself and below are a few easy ways to start your DNA on the road to repair.

Consume Chlorella

Chlorella is a chlorophyll-rich algae and it’s known to help the body remove harmful substances like heavy metals, dioxins and pesticides. This is an obvious benefit because some of these substances are causing the damage in the first place. Numerous studies have found that chlorella helps our DNA repair itself – and packed with chlorophyll, chlorella adds an alkaline kick that comes in a structure that’s similar to the hemoglobin of healthy blood. To add chlorella to your diet, try adding a teaspoon to fresh apple juice or a fruit smoothie each day.

Use Cat’s Claw

Peruvian cat’s claw is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used for arthritis. In Peru, cat’s claw is used for cancer and it’s known to help cleanse the intestinal track. Cat’s claw has been repeatedly shown to help our DNA repair itself and also to prevent further damage. In one human trial, participants taking the herb for just eight weeks showed significant improvements in DNA repair.

Enjoy Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., N.D. tells us that the enzymes in raw foods help our DNA repair themselves. But, because enzymes are needed for digestion and they’re routinely destroyed when foods are heated, eating cooked foods robs your body of enzymes. Therefore, the more cooked foods that you eat during your lifetime, the fewer enzymes you’ll have available to repair your DNA from common threats. Conversely, the more raw foods you consume, the better your body will be able to repair your DNA – as well as heal, nourish and repair your other tissues and organs.

Eat Cabbage and other Cruciferous Vegetables

Raw cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables are key for DNA repair for several reasons. First, they contain large amounts of folate – which plays an important role in cell division and DNA repair. In 2006, researchers also found that the indole-3s in cruciferous vegetables increase our body’s production of BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins – which are proteins that repair damaged DNA. These proteins are also widely acknowledged to be tumor suppressing. To boot, cruciferous vegetables contain a substance called sulforaphane which has been shown to increase our production of phase-2 detoxification enzymes. These enzymes help the body render harmless and eliminate many chemicals and toxins – so really, they help your body remove what is so often causing the problem.


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